ASHIATSU = Foot pressure massage

ONE HOUR $125.00 

90 MINUTES $150.00
TWO HOUR $210.00
THREE HOU R $330.00
(Exp. 6 months/Includes One Free Massage)

$2.00 Each additional minute, over scheduled session
preferred. CC & Check accepted)

Over 30 years experience in walking on bodies!  Brian will amaze you with a multitude of deep pressure techniques through out your body using his feet that will release old tight muscles, scar tissue, energy blocks, stress & more ! Ashiatsu massage helps patients who prefer to receive deep tissue and sports massage.  This is great for the relief of overused muscles and muscle soreness resulting from sports injuries or everyday stress.

A Far Eastern practice that dates back to the 12th century, the term “ashiatsu” comes from the Japanese words ashi (foot) and atsu (pressure).

Ashiatsu massage improves circulation due to more surface compression. It elongates and broadens constricted muscles, and helps the patient experience postural alignment gains. And there is no residual soreness after the treatment.

Before receiving an ashiatsu massage, you are screened because this type of massage can
NOT be performed on the following, and or others not listed here.
Please consult your doctor when in doubt:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who had surgery over the past nine months, or who have broken or injured bones
  • Diabetics
  • Sufferers of advanced osteoporosis
  • People receiving chemotherapy
  • People taking pain medications, or those with uncontrollable blood pressure or who have varicose veins

Ashi-what!? It is pronounced “Ahhh-shiatsu.” “Ashi” means foot, and “-atsu” is pressure. In this style of massage, the therapist uses gravitational force and distributes his or her body weight by holding onto bars in the ceiling and using the feet to deliver the strokes and apply painless pressure directly onto the client’s body. Ashiatsu is not just walking on the client’s back; the client will feel a deep, broad, flowing centrifugal pressure that engages the fascia throughout the entire body, loosening adhered tissue, increase drainage. Additionally, careful compression of soft tissue is applied throughout the session, helping to release muscle spasm and tension, always working within the clients’ comfort zone. It works fast. In my practice I’ve noticed that typically just 20 minutes of Ashiatsu accomplishes the physical benefits that occur in a 60-minute session of a more traditional style of hands-on bodywork.

I have found that Ashiatsu’s effectiveness comes from treating all layers of the tissue and the entire body as a whole, which results in a calming of the “fight-or-flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system and peripheral vasodilation. By massaging the larger surface area of a foot-in comparison to a hand or forearm-and by accessing the deeper layers of soft tissue without the sensation of pokey pain that triggers muscle guarding, the rate of post-event recovery after strenuous exercise increases.

The depth of pressure is consistent throughout the entire length of the muscle. Curbing the pain responses and flooding the body with new sensory stimulation helps it re-evaluate itself and speeds up the athlete’s recovery. To boost pre- or post-workout low intensity exercise, passive Thai stretches are incorporated to improve tissue elasticity and reduce initial tension.

Ashi-Thai-another form of barefoot massage developed from Ashiatsu and Thai massage-offers a unique chance to rest, relax and recuperate from strenuous activities while the therapist maneuvers the client’s limbs and body into deep stretches that the client may not be able to achieve alone. The advantage of this massage, both for the client and the therapist, is that Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai allows gravity to do the work, balancing the therapists’ body weight to provide a depth and leverage unmatched by other techniques.

Ashi-Thai is an effective bodywork treatment for overused and tensed soft tissues. Most clients report significant decreases in pain and significant increases in range of motion and athletic performance. Clients with sports or repetitive-strain injuries receiving Ashi-Thai often find they are even more flexible after the sessions than before the tissues were strained!

If the Psoas needs to be stretched, IT Band unbound, or the Soleus/Gastrocs released, this massage will do it. The benefits of Ashiatsu combined with the passive stretching techniques that are included in Ashi-Thai offer a well-rounded holistic approach that aid in improving the client’s performance and maintaining overall good health.


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