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We are Located in a home office in the Bellevue, Bridal Trails area by Microsoft & Google, in beautiful Bellevue Washington. The home office sits on 1.5 acres surrounded by old growth forest. 3211 140 av NE Bellevue Wa. 98005 206-619-8488 Cell VM/Txt E- BE1YOGI@GMAIL.COM

Brian Bales Yogi,LMT, father of 2 is the Founder and Creator of B1 Yoga. Brian has devoted more than 30 years to various healing modalities, including massage,
yoga, meditation, Fasting,Vegan Awareness and energetic healing.


Brian was born in Houston, but spent most of his childhood years in Kansas City. Brian’s Dad, first taught him to meditate when he was 10. It changed his life in ways that he only now can recognize. The next big change for Brian was when he began to study Tae Kwon Do with Master Chon Lee, one of the few 8th degree black belts in the country at that time. Through this experience he was introduced to the importance of energy, flexibility and foundation and for the first time Brian excelled to the top of his class. Brian felt honored to study under Master Lee. At the age of 15, He began traveling on his motorcycle & covered thousands of miles from coast to coast North & South.  He was in awe of the beautiful and magnificence sights he encountered, & the silence of traveling solo for long periods at a time. After many years of living in Sedona, AZ. working as a carpenter, Hospice care, nurseing, & eventually became a massage therapist. He moved to WA state in 1992 to continue massage school & seek advanced studies in many forms of body work.

Brian has studied With some of the worlds greatest Yoga Teachers!

Through their Teachings, Blessings and Many Gifts, Brian developed his own, unique style of Yoga, called B1 Yoga, in the tradition of Tantric Hatha Yoga. Brian’s yogic path has been most inspired by David Life and Sharon Gannon and therefore, his classes are similar to a Jivamukti class. Brian is honored to spend time with David and Sharon and to receive the gift of their wisdom. Brian feels that they are his Yogi Parents, Teacher’s and Guru’s, all rolled up into one!

Teacher Trainings

Brian has completed teacher trainings with Ana Forrest, David Life, Mitchell Bleier, Sieanna Sherman, Doug Keller, John Friend, Tim Miller & others.

Brian wants to share the Joy filled Freedom of Alignment with Source, that he has come to live, through the Powerful Practice of Yoga!

Here is a list of some of Brian’s teachers that he has been studying with, some of them over 10 years:

  • David Life* & Sharon Gannon
  •  Ana Forrest
  • Gurmukh
  • Bryan Kest
  • Pretzel
  • Doug Keller
  • John Friend
  • Mitchell Bleier* & Sianna Sherman*,
  • Doug Keller*
  •  Douglas Brooks
  • Shiva Rea
  • Sarah Powers
  • Erich Schiffman
  • Darma Mitra
  • M. Govindan
  • Rod Stryker
  • Krishna Das
  • Dharma Mitra
  • Richard Freeman
  • David & Doug Swenson
  •  Beryl & Tom Birch
  • Acro Yoga with Jenny & Jason,

In addition:

  • Brian has completed a 10 day Vipasana (Silent meditation retreat 10 hours a day for 10 days straight of silent meditation)
  • Kriya Yoga level 1 & 2 initiation with Marshal Govindan
  • Mueller College of Massage in Calif. Graduated with all A’s & 1 B
  • Bellevue Massage School and the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for continuing education courses
  • Brian was licensed by the state of California, & has been licensed in Washington 14+ years, He is also Nationally certified in massage.
  • He has also trained to become an EMT  Emergency Med. Tec.
  • Nursing work includes but not limited to private care for special needs patience, Alzheimer’s special care unit, Registry work and more.

Other Coursework:

  • Acupressure (levels 1, 3 & 5 of 6), Chi Nei Tsang
    (internal organ massage), Neuromuscular release training (with Monk
    Barazone), Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Cranial
    Fluid Dynamics, Foundation Opening Human Potential, Touch for Health I
    Certification, Accelerated Healing, The Foundation Cranial Sacral
    Level I, First-Degree USIU System Reiki (Sedona, AZ), Second-Degree
    USIU System Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Barbara Brennan Hands of Light
    (Bellevue, WA)

Brian Bales is committed to empowering and building each student’s self-esteem, while inspiring light-heartedness. Brian has a gift of blending his knowledge, passion for yoga, and love for life into each class! Brian is a committed father with  two beautiful children that bless the Yoga room from time to time with their presence.



If you are late, it is your time lost.

If I am late, I owe you the time at the end of the session or your next scheduled session.

Your time starts & ends when scheduled. I often have many clients scheduled & may not be able to run late, but if we do, it is agreed upon that you will pay the $1 per minute over. If you can not run late, it is your responsibility to let me know ahead of time so I can complete your session timely.

*It is often that we might be in the middle of a private, massage, or even a float; you may choose to go longer. When ever possible, I like to allow space for that.


There are “NO” Refund on ANY purchases.

If 24 hour notice has been given, you may have a credit for the purchase value up to the original purchase price towards the any offered service.


We are Located in a home office in the Bellevue, Bridal Trails area by Microsoft & Google, in beautiful Bellevue Washington. The home office sits on 1.5 acres surrounded by old growth forest. I send full directions to the home office after booking your appointment online. (note, you must not opt out of emails when purchasing or you will not get your confirmation email with the address & directions.)
Thanks you for Understanding & sorry for any inconvenience.